PSP Goals

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First: to raise the scientific level of Pediatricians in Palestine through scientific conferences, where he was subjected during which scientific research and tests of personal and lectures in the field of pediatrics and work on the development of the means of continuing medical education and the development of policies and protocols medical work right and dissemination among colleagues and the ongoing work on updated.

Second: the development of the spirit of cooperation and collaboration between members of the Assembly and work to improve their physical and social.

Third: regulate the affairs of practicing pediatrics in Palestine and in cooperation with the Council of the Medical Association Center of Jerusalem and Palestinian Ministry of Health and all the health institutions working in Palestine.

Fourth: to contribute to various aspects of social activities and national and everything related to that of children of Palestine and their health, and to contribute with the competent bodies to work on anything that would improve the health and welfare of the child through the use of all methods of public health education available.

Fifth: cooperation with other associations in Palestine jurisdiction in all matters relating to the level and the future of medical specialties and sharing of scientific activities.

Sixth: cooperation with associations Pediatricians Arab, regional and international conferences related to its activities and participation pediatric.